Is it possible to make the Myofgteamsite mobile phone friendly like the new ofg4me site?
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
it does not work well when you are trying to view your schedule on an android phone or iphone (atleast for the 4s). the schedule is always mashed together. they should create a dedicated app for checking schedules!
Submitted by Scott (not verified) on
Just enable desktop mode and it works fine for me. (Note3)
Submitted by Scott (not verified) on
I would agree as well, an app shows work schedule and etc would defiantly help!
Submitted by Jenna (not verified) on
I find that the teamsite itself works just fine on my iPhone, but the schedule section (the Red Prairie platform) does not. I've tried placing RTOs from my iPhone only to have the menu panel on the side of the screen take over the working area so that I couldn't select options.
Submitted by patricia.murdoc... (not verified) on
why am i only getting paid min wage, when they can throw me into any department at any given time,for only min wage.even managers cant do the same is that fair.cashiers that have beeen there for awhile make at least 15 per hour, and do nothing else.we should be worth a whole lot more than min wage..we do alot more than all of them...
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
been there for seven years as a cashier and I don't make fifteen. I think your wrong!
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You ask why you're only getting paid minimum wage for getting thrown into multiple depts? How about ....because it's your job! Don't like it? Go find a better one!
Submitted by Thiessen (not verified) on
Why when you are on WCB do we need a WAR report, when you are not getting any money or less than normal? It cost about $40.00 each time.

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